Infinite Scroll Grid

A lightweight, JavaScript grid plugin. Zero dependencies.
Browse a million records using a hundred DOM elements.
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Benefits of Abi7Grid

Resource Efficient

By reusing about a hundred DOM elements, the grid can display an infinite amount of data.


From visual animation to serious data display.


Abi7Grid scaling to every device.


Can be extended with callbacks & event-hooks without altering the source files.

Data Sources

Abi7Grid works with any type of data source from static javascript array to REST-service.

Easy for developers

Abi7Grid was designed to be as simple to use as possible.

No dependencies

The internal Abi7Grid engine is implemented in plain JavaScript and has zero dependencies.


Abi7Grid is as light as a feather at less than 6kb minified and gzipped!


Great rendering performance across all modern browsers (IE11+).

How Abi7Grid works

Most infinite scrolls add a lot of DOM elements. This one works fine with a small amount of data, and freezes with big data. Abi7Grid uses a small number of DOM elements, using them only in the visible part of the document.


Awesome possibilities

Abi7Grid allows you to do incredible things, limited only by your imagination. By the way, all the animated backgrounds on this website are made with Abi7Grid! Here you will find many examples to help you make your project different from others.

    Not just a masonry grid

    This little javascript plugin lets you do serious things. You can easily create your own social network with it (like Pinterest or Unsplash), or any other project where you need to show an infinite amount of data. Abi7Grid allows you to display data both from a local source and from a database server, using AJAX technology. This plugin uses a fixed number of DOM elements, using them cyclically, without slowing down the browser.

    We have prepared a special test to check how grid works with a big data.
    Please click the button below to generate 100K records.



    Abi7Grid is a free library. However, if you want to use Abi7Grid in your commercial app, website or plugin, you would need to obtain a commercial license.

    Personal $24.95 LIFETIME

    For personal use

    • One product
    • For one developer
    • Regular product updates
    • 1 month commercial support
    • Lifetime free updates
    Purchase $24.95
    Team $99.95 LIFETIME

    For small teams

    • 5 products
    • For upto 8 developers
    • Regular product updates
    • 3 months commercial support
    • Lifetime free updates
    • Source code included
    Purchase $99.95
    Organization $249.95 LIFETIME

    For large teams and organizations

    • Unlimited products
    • For unlimited developers
    • Regular product updates
    • 6 months commercial support
    • Lifetime free updates
    • Source code included
    Purchase $249.95

    Abi7Grid.js is free for non-commercial websites.
    If your project is non-commercial, you can use Abi7Grid.js for free.